5 Love Languages

5 Love Languages

I have just finished “The 5 languages of love” by Gary Chapman. Recommended by my counselor. (Yes, I have one and everyone should have one at some point).

This book is mostly geared towards couples, married or not married. However, if you are not in a couple stage, like myself at this moment, it is exceptionally good insight to how you should give and receive love and keep feeling loved at all points in the relationship.

We have all been at a struggling point in a relationship where we start to discover each-others not so loving attributes. This book makes sense of what makes us “nit pick” and what and how others make us feel not loved ,and how we can make sure that we feel loved and make others feel loved using one or more of the love languages outlined in this book.

1) Words of affirmation

2) Quality Time

3) Receiving Gifts

4) Acts of Service

5) Physical Touch


A simple break down of examples for each:

1) “You have made a delicious dinner, thank you for taking such good care of me”

2) Turn the tv off and send the kids to a sitter, look each other in the eye and really connect with one another.

3) It was a beautiful sunny day and I saw these flowers and thought of you.

4) I know you like the house clean so I have vacuumed and did the washing.

5) Holding the hand of your partner, giving them a back rub, hugging them (it doesn’t always have to be about sex).


Everyone speaks different love languages. You can learn so much about yourself as well as your partner in this book and hopefully find a way to be happy together for a very long time.