A common theme in many of my dreams is being in my childhood home but knowing I have a home I have paid for elsewhere. I am unsure why I am always in a perpetual state of going to move into this place that I own but still living in my parents home. I also imagine the home to be occupied by other people and currently not where I (in real life) do own a home, nor the same style.

The uncommon part of this dream is that there is a space in the dinning room that has a chair, the chair is haunted and not doing anything yet but giving me the impression that it doesn’t feel right. I go to tell people about it but it is ignored the I go back and I noticed photos sitting on it this time. All the faces of the people are gone. I look back up at the chair and it has a mirror now, it is my face and it does not share the same expression that I am making. This makes me terrified and I leave and I feel as though I am possessed, trapped without control of who i am to other people. I wake up due to this fear.