I wake up this morning having experienced (as usual) an adventure during my sleep. Dreams are never the norm, nor can they easily be explain. This one had to do with a trip. I was surrounded by women at a camp, some I knew, some I didn’t. True to any fear associated with a trip, I had to pack and I was looking around for anything that I may have forgotten all on a tight time frame. I didn’t want to miss my ride.

Packing everything, it made me feel like I had more stuff than I knew. It was everywhere, it was in a few different rooms that were shared with other women. There were some arguments over what was mine and what was theirs and every time I returned to another room, some stuff either accumulated in mass or was missing. On top of that, I had to pack my animals, my cat and my dog (who had passed in the past year).

It was time to pack the car now, my mom was there and my little brother. Except it was him when he was about 8-10 years old. I can understand why they were both there, I had spoken to them that day. Off in the car we go, sans the pets I meant to get in the car. We were now on a road trip and and I was the navigator.

The map was confusing, it had multiple layers without any real instruction and they provided depth of travel. We were weaving through the mountain terrain and came into a village, filled with sunlight and warmth, there was a pond with a small road wrapped around. I looked at my map then up at the space, then back again. It didn’t quite seem to match and the map said I had to take this small road down. I thought.. maybe we could drive but my mom was dead set against that, thought it was too dangerous. In the pond there were several families bathing, having fun and everyone’s mood was quite well.

So, we wouldn’t be driving now and my younger brother had switched to my twin brother at his current age. I started looking for an easier way to our destination .There came an elevator, but it wasn’t connected to anything, it must have been there as a tease. (Can’t take the easy way to where you are going). So we decided to walk. Along with several others, we winded our way down a steep dirt path on the side of the mountain. It wasn’t long until we arrived, it was actually not a difficult journey at all.  When we got there, the ruins were covered in water mostly. They were ancient ruins with writing all over the walls like gypths of an ancient language in large characters. Deeply carved.

The path to lead down into it had water over it, however, many of the others (tourists) seemed to trek through it fine. So I took my shoes off and held my cell above me to avoid damaging it and stepped in. It was a squishy bottom, almost like a fun house. Now that my family saw how easy it was, they joined me and we started to explore the building.

There was no roof, it was just large columns and vertical pieces of rock together covered in wording, dark brown, grey and black. Located at the base of the mountain, it was dark and shadowed from the surroundings. People spoke of it being a water purification building that the limestone filtered the water and collected it. That the water we were in was drinkable. Each corner we took, more and more people appeared until we were out over a ledge that teared down into a few large pools. These must have been reservoirs. I was disappointed to see families playing in this water, it was meant for consumption not bathing in, almost felt sacrilegious.

The water got deeper and people started discarding their valuables on the edge to go into it. On the ledge, I put up my cell phone and removed some articles of clothing and dived in. Looking around under the water the base was sandy, there were discarded valuables from many years around the base edges. The water was dense and cold and I felt i could hold my breath for ever. Upon resurfacing the population around me of people were all Asian. I found this odd, I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but they didn’t recognize my presence there.

It was around this point that I woke up.