I have had an apartment for some time now, various locations around the city. And to take a boring slab of concrete and turn it into a garden oasis is not hard nor is it very easy.

Hard parts:

• Depending on what floor you live on you may have to haul up all that heavy soil and planters to your balcony
• Keeping the birds and critters out – You will find that squirrels and pigeons can make a huge mess of our garden and your space.
• Expense – depending on what you are growing you can buy plants that are at the size you want. IF you are growing from scratch you’ll just have to be patient. Half of the joy of gardening is loving and nurturing your plants.
• Mess – planting and re-potting can be quite messy, and most buildings won’t allow you to sweep off the access as it dirty’s up someone else’s space.

Easy parts:

• Maintaining – simply water your garden and watch it grow! Make sure you have the appropriate amount of sunlight for the plants are you growing.
• Harvest – the best food is the food you grow yourself. There are lots of great balcony plants that yield food like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans and green onions. Herbs are especially great as they require little maintenance, smell and taste amazing and replenish very quickly.
• The look great! If you are not one to use your balcony, just adding some plants and maybe a chair, you’ll find it hard to stay away from your new green space.  This also adds to the building atmosphere. You often check out other buildings with laundry and garbage on their balconies, but if you have a garden, the building suddenly looks a lot nicer!

Start your garden today by buying some cheap top/planting soil and a few planters. Plants, this time of season, are on sale and you can get a decent amount for a good price.  If you want to get more into your garden and save the back and forth time with watering, try collecting rain water with a rain barrel. I am currently researching ways for balconies to do this  but once I find a solution. I’ll post here online.

Enjoy your garden this summer!