What is it mean to start being green?

There are lots of words for this trending topic, and lots of ways to improve your life to reflect positive change in the fight against pollution and global warming. But being green doesn’t mean saving the world in one big action. You can start with some simple steps.

Despite the studies and the controversy, I think people can honestly reflect on the subject that they can see the negative effects of pollution in their lives. From terrible smell, lack of foliage, disposable product increase, physical health side effects (cancer) etc.

It does seem overwhelming. The more I research it, the more overwhelmed I feel with all the problems as a society we are causing. We should be solution focused. We understand there is a problem, so what can we do?

I have started to compile a list of tips and tricks ranging from novice users to hard core environmental activists. I encourage you to try just one.. or add one on when you can. Every action is one step closer to improve your life as it continues.  Look for the tips for being green below.

If you have your own tips and tricks to include. I would love to share them with the followers. We should all be willing to help each other out in saving the world, one person at a time. Community growth and participation is key to making good strategies work. It is also a great testing ground to see what doesn’t work as our technology, culture and society changes with environmental and social changes.

One site I visit quite often is http://inhabitat.com/. They have lots of great posts about technology, new ideas that haven’t quite made it to industry, news and products focused around making life easier, more environmentally friendly and more tips for being green.