I am learning so much from Law of Attraction meditations. Mostly on how to change my thoughts and how to update my vocabulary to more positive wording. Here are some tips to help you on your way to positive change.

  1. Use positive action phrases “I want ______” , “I am happy with _______” , “You are (insert compliment)
  2. Avoid using use words as “don’t”, “won’t”, “can’t”, “try” anything that may indicate less than 100% intent.
  3. When it comes to learning how to love others and their choices, there are ways to avoid judgement, even if you are not happy with their choices. Stop your thoughts and send love. Say it to yourself or put it out verbally to them “I send my love”. It is hard to shut down negative thought behavior and even our negative non-verbal communication. Acknowledge the negative energy and thoughts you may have an turn it around into a positive.

    Example: Jimmy wants to buy a home that is beyond what he can afford. Your immediate thought is that he is being stupid and rushing into something that will cause him more stress. Turn your thoughts around by thinking or even saying. “I trust that Jimmy knows what he wants to do and is prepared to take this on because he wants it and he will make it work. I send my love to support his happiness in this decision.”

  4. How you help people can also come off as negative without even knowing it.
    Example: “Oh… you look like you need a hug”
    This may seem harmless but subconsciously with your words you are saying “I acknowledge that you are in a bad place and you need my love as you are not able to create it for yourself” . Instead of just hugging them, you have verbally giving more power to the negative situation that they are in by acknowledging it. Another way of helping that can seem bad is when you help people to make yourself feel better.

    Many people do this by giving money to charity people at the door (pay them to get rid of them and it would make me feel less uncomfortable) or helping family out by forcing donations, money or time when it was unwanted. You feed and resolve your guilt by thinking you are helping them when they have not asked. You are making them feel like they are not strong enough to find solutions for these issues on their own.

    Be encouraging, send your love and your kinds words of how proud you are of them. “I know you are a strong person and will figure out a solution, I send my love”

These are just some of the tips this week I have been grateful to learn about from two meditation sessions. May they be helpful in your life as they have been with mine.