With all the hype around the book and a friend inviting me to a book club review, I decided to give it a shot.

Expectations before reading:  A racy sexual thriller.

After reading the book I have made the following conclusions:

1) I think the genitals of both male and female should use the correct terms not: My sex and His Length. Everything else she described using the proper scientific terms, but both of those key areas were avoided in the text. Considering a lot of young women and some men are going to be reading this book, who are already uneducated in sexual matters (thanks to our lovely conservative school boards and parents who were uneducated themselves), they have no hope in hell to firmly grasp an accurate representation of what is going on.

2) The main character: Without giving to much away, I can say I am extremely disappointed in the lack of female strength, education and awareness this female character has. As a college student she should have a firm grasp on sexual basics (if not have had experience them, read about it or scene it in movies) she seemed to lack basic sexual knowledge (a good representation of our populist today, I’ll give the author that), but from a fiction standpoint, she could have seem more educated.. or at least have owned a computer. I don’t know a single college/university student today that does not have a computer. And don’t know any self respecting person that would allow sexual/personal conversations to transpire on a work email. DON’T do this!

3) The likely hood this fantasy would actually happen – obviously being a fictional novel this might be the only case this would happen. From the description of the girl and the description of the man and the scenario in which they met, there was hardly enough in that scene to establish the setting of their relationship. Perhaps we need some opinions of the young billionaires out there to comment on how likely it would be they would be interested in someone who is likely 8 years their junior who called them gay in a interview, unkept and completely high maintenance. After a few chapters, the busy business man seems to have a lot of spare time to spent with his lady, he also spents a lot of time with his family. For someone with that much on the go, I find it hard to believe he has that much time to maintain them all and run the business as the character is built up to be in the beginning.

4) Can any girls out there or guys even, tell me if they would want to pay back a billionaire for gifts they have given them? Thanks for that 60,000 car, I really should just keep it on loan from you or pay you back. Forget that! I don’t return gifts from people as it is offensive, to them, especially if they want to give me a car.. or a lap top.. or new photo.. or trip to Paris.

5) The Sex: When I started reading the book, I actually thought it was being written by a man. The entire book is based off of the female character and yet it feel there are so many female emotions and physical reactions that are missed in the sex scenes, especially the first one! I literally laughed out loud. As much as the character had a lot of stuff going on in her head, she really didn’t touch upon what most women think about during, before or after sex. Not just my opinion, this is a shared opinion of others as well.

For all the women out there who think this book is racy (sure it’s out there for new methods) please don’t use it as an instruction manual for your own sexual exploration. Please do your research – porn is never research folks! It is for entertainment purposes only and most of the time it lacks the preparation, fails to show all the effort that is put into warm up, proper use of toys or instruments and proper healthy relationship advice to make sure both participants are entirely consenting and doing these acts for the right purpose.

Sex is about two people enjoying what they are doing, not just about one person. Once it was just used for procreation, now its recreational. Prepare yourself emotionally and physically before attempting to take any sexual act you read in fiction or watch in porn at face value.

If I were going to compare this to a movie.. I would say .. rent it! I won’t be reading the squeals. I really didn’t get anything out of the experience other than we need some better books out there to educate our youth in healthy relationships, proper sexual relationships and experiences.  If you are a parent and reading this blog, try to be the best educational resource for your children. If you want the best for them you need to provide them with accurate scientific information about sexual conduct and the risks and make them aware of what consensual and healthy relationships actually are. As you may recall from your own history, we have all made our mistakes learning these things over the years. Help them avoid some of these scenarios through education.