Oh Monday, you really proved yourself today. Woke up at the usual time of 5:30 am, got to my train on time arrived at my exit on time but wait.. i wasn’t suppose to take the train today. I was suppose to pick up a work mate and go to a meeting. She luckily texted me before it was all gone to waste.

So back i went all the way to the home station, got in my car and started to exist the parking lot when this Huge SUV decided not to stop before crossing the lane way I was approaching swiftly in. I have great cat like reflexes and swerved at the last minute lightly touching the front bumper of this SUV that was clearly going to tBone me.

With a mild scratch i stopped the car to double check. The SUV.. made no such attempt to stop other than a wave. I assume that their care is too big to feel all the things it runs into.

My little car was scared and I was a bit nerve wrecked but I left to go to Tim Hortons for a coffee and donut .  The lady messed up the coffee and the food order and proceeded to tell me I confirmed the order.

From then on, the day was fine. I got to my destination, the meeting went one without much of an issue and I got home to finish a few hours of work with emails.

Truth be told I bought myself an ice cream at the end of the day. I also learned that removing asbestos  from the house would costs thousands. For a $350 test, I could find out if my insulation has it. I hope that test comes back negative!

I also found out at flooring insulation costs double the floor cost. If only I could everything on my own.. but that would be no fun. Can’t take credit for things people never see.

Onto tuesday and beyond this week, praying that it gets a bit better.