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Harvest Stills

First harvest from the Legends Community Garden. I had some interesting results with the carrots. They were an excellent subject for the camera. Can’t wait to see what else turns out this season! I look forward to taking some more harvest stills.


onion IMG_8213 IMG_8197 IMG_8195

Simple energy savings

Drop your thermostat by 2 degrees and save 4% on your energy. That is 500lbs of Co2 that is NOT going into the atmosphere every year.

And since it’s a wee bit cooler in the house, put a sweater on 🙂 Great energy savings!

Simple tips for saving the world

Thanks to David De Rothschild, you too can help save the world one step at a time. Respecting the copy write, I’ll paraphrase to the basic tips. One tip, one benefit.

TIP: Replace a Light bulb
BENEFIT: Save 500lbs of coal burned when you change your bulb out to a CFL bulb.

EXTRA MILE: Unplug the TV, lamps and unused electrical appliances to save an extra 10% off our electricity bill. The extra effort goes a long way! Plugged in appliances on standby still use electricity.


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