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Day 1 of Spiritual Intuition training

I signed up for a spiritual intuition training course that will last 6 weeks. Once every Monday, we will meet for 2 hours to discuss spirituality and learn to open up, heal and speak with spirit guides.

The first class covered introductions to all classmates, a brief guide reading from the instructor and other returning classmates, a meditation to reach out to our guides and discussion.

The results of an energy shift

After a long year of hard spiritual work, I have noticed a few things that have changed. My energy shift is positive and filled with great lessons, hard work, and spiritual adventure. Everyone is capable of doing this for themselves. At one point, I didn’t think it was possible for myself, but that was the depression talking.

Sage Smudging

Energy Cleansing with Sage Smudging

Learn more about how you can cleanse your energy everyday

Smudging traditionally originates with Native American culture in the art of removing negative energy from your energy field. Using a bundle of dried herbs, such as cedar and white sage, burning the herbs creating a smoke to “wash clean” the energy field.

Smudging has also been used to cleanse homes and properties of negative energies and is usually done with accompanied chants of positive words and intent and asking any negative or residing energy to leave the premise.


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