DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard of Pine

I saw some videos and really couldn’t pick which one to do. But when I thought about effort and pricing, it came to this.  Easy and cheap way to decorate your bedroom. DIY headboard.

Pine headboard with shelf.

Supplies and sizes for Queen Bed:

Queen size bed is 60″ width, I made my headboard 66″. 3″ extra width on each side of the bed for style (see past the bulky blankets)

HOWEVER: most standard project pine wood planks are 60″ so this could save you a few extra $$.

– 4x 66″ pine boards (purchased at 96″ or 8 feet and cut to size at the store using a table saw) $12-20 each board

– 16 x 2″ wood screws

– 2x 2x4x8 pine boards cut to 50″ (height is optional, this was  good height for my bed as i put a shelf behind the headboard) $3-4 each cut to size in store with table saw.

– Drill – screw driver bits for 2″ screws and a drill bit for the bolt holes. – sizing optional

– 4 metal screws and bolts to attach headboard to bed frame.

– Stain – I chose “winter berry” went on a bit purple but it looks amazing when it dries. Might be best to stain the boards before you assemble them, coverage looks more natural.

Time for assembly – 30min (tops) Drying time – depends on stain – 4 -8 hours


DIY Headboard Pine Wood

DIY Headboard Pine Wood