One was a zombie one where i was fighting them off with my dog lol
It was all at this massive tim hortons after we passed a church that the zombies had already attacked. At the tim hortons no one seem to care what was going on and they were like “i’m surprised they didnt come here first considering everyone is always at tim hortons”

Now i have branding in my dreams…great! lol 😛

The zombies got me but were not trying to bite me, this was after they killed my dog and i felt hands all around me on my face and everything. Even when i opened my eyes i could feel them on me still then i shook my head and it was all off me.

The next dream i had was 50’s based. Mariyln munroe was trying to get protected by these two detectives, i was just around her when they came to get her, so i tagged along. They were driving a speed boat but on pavement, once i questioned why we were on pavement it change to water. We came to a cavern type pipe and couldnt’ go any further. So one guy got out to go investigate to see where it went. I followed because he was taking so long. The water was really cold and dark and i felt myself walking through it not swimming. When i found the other guy he was shooting at someone. I searched around for a weapon but had nothing so i got up on this shore path and ran outside the tunnel and saw everyone that was fighting.

I continue along the back side where there was this fence and i ended up jumping this guy who had all kinds of weird looking bombs, glass bulbs with tiny little fans in them. I tossed a few and they exploded over the plants. I tossed a few at the bomb guy and we kept bouncing them back and forth like some cartoon. I found a knife on them and took off through the brush with it. That is when i saw this marble building. I walked casually in it. I was wearing a kamono (red one) at this point and i seemed to know where I was going. I moved towards an elevator and pushed the button for 7th floor. When it opened i saw this white sword on the wall so i grabbed it.

That is when i realized it was a training school. I ended up swinging the sword around like a professional and killing all the students and teachers that were there. When i went around the corner i saw there were pregant women so i said iw ouldn’t kill them, there were some girls who were faking though so i ended up killing them. In my mind I was thinking i was pregant (kinda like kill bill movie) lol just came up with that analgy. I watch tooo many movies