Last night’s dream

I was at an art musem/history musem with my cousin and we were just looking around talking and commenting on the art. All of a sudden the building started shaking, we all looked around and eventually clued in it was a earth quake. People scattered about not knowing what to do. I saw a table and decided to head for it to cover from falling objects. The celiings started to crack, paintings started to fall the the floor flet as though it would give way. Staying under the table seemed like a bad idea.

I grabbed my cousin and started moving out of this area, Super large tv’s from the walls started falling outof place and crushing people. Every spot we were standing it seemed to crash into after we left. I kept looking back at all the distruction and moved forward looking for an exit. Luckily we were able to get out side and it hit me then that my parents were inside somewhere.

I obviously started to worry and searched the crowd of people for my rents. Just as i mentioend their names they were sitting there infront of me. They were fine and wearing matching zebra print scarfs for some reason lol

I went back into the building at this point to see all the damage but it looked fine. It actually kinda looked like some really expensive house. Lots of people there I knew from the past, highschool, college, and inbetween. I walked through the house and came to the 4th floor. That is when i saw the first guy i dated. He was there with his new girlfriend and he needed a ride back to his place. I said i aws packing up soon to go home and to get ready. But i was looking for someone, not sure who. I wanted to get to the backyard. ONce i found a way to get out there i saw this massvie wave pool. The water was not what standard gravity would allow. It was mountains of water on different layers with controlled waves that came out into the crowd directly on certain people.

One came down on me crashing me the to pavement. My clothes were soaked when i looked down over myself. That is when i ran into my friend. I was looking for him everywhere apprently and was happy to have found him. He pushed me into the pool for some reason. I opened my eyes when i was down there and it was a bar scene. people sipping on booze at a cheers like bar. I swam around taking all the weirdness in and thought “why dont they have the need to breathe” i resurfaced and got out, that is when i woke up.