From what I remember I was going out with some friends (girls i have never seen before) to go to a club. We were underage and i was being peer pressured to order beer and drinks for them as I apparently looked the oldest. The three girls around me clearly looked older, similar to someone who has tanned a lot or smoked who has damaged hair that isn’t quite smooth straight.

I was able to get out of the situation by insisting on dancing. I could hear the music just couldn’t find the room. I searched around what was a barren looking bar area and finally found a room that was dark, beaming with strob lights and other florescent colours and music. The girls followed me in. One blonde girl seemed to start to panic. I asked her what was wrong and all that came out was jibberish. She was crying, shaky and weak and I asked her if she was scared of something. She nodded like a small child. I asked if it was the music? She shook her head. So i asked if it was the darkness? She agreed by nodding it was the dark she was afraid of. WIthout words she communicated she didnt want anyone to know she was afraid of the dark.

I understood and took her out of the room. The other girls yelled at me “what are you doing?” I replied back with “she isn’t feeling well so i’m taking her home”. We left the dance room and the other girls behind and I moved her towards the door. It was getting light out and we were in the middle of nowhere at this bar. I asked her to follow me out to look for my car. It wasn’t where I had left it out there so i wandered around looking. There was a barn like structure near by, similar to a airplane hanger. It seemed like a good place that my car could have been hidden from me.

I opened a side door that let a bit of light into the dark barn. There was my car, dusty, dirty and slightly banged up on the bumper. I was releaved to see it but then realized i was not the only person there. I stood listend for a bit until it revealed itself. It was some men, maybe between the ages of 27-35. Dark hair, medium build and pale. One came towards me and grabbed my wrists. He flipped them over and looked at them. “You have a bullet there” he said. I looked down and saw some scaring but the bullet was not so visable to me. The wrists looked gel like and transparent as if light was coming from beneth. That is when he pointed at it then poked it. It was in my left wrist sitting horizontally swimming within the muscle and just behind the skin.

He then sliced my wrist with his nail, a fine cut but I felt it hurt, and pulled it out. He held it up and asked how i got it. I had no idea where it came from it was just there. There had to be some history about it that he knew.

The space started to ligthen from the sun and things started to become more visable. it was a hanger of some type as i could see an office just behind me. The crowd of men seem to grow weary of the light. I could see some panic in their eyes when they saw more of it peaking through the windows.

I moved towards my car a bit, motioning my friend to follow. He spoke to me some more but i had no idea what he was saying. I just kept looking over at this package on a table near the wall. He turned around and faded back into the darkness. Another one came forward and started to say stuff to me. he seemed really agressive and grabbed at my, i paniced a bit and backed against my car as my friend screamed out. He took out a knife and sliced at my other wrist, the cut was deep and I felt it bleed out. he seemed vampire like now, fangs showing and eager to get at the wound. (and as dreams do they change drastically) Threatened I turned into something animal like, a deep load growl like a dinosaur escaped from me and it made him back off into the office room and fall to the floor. The sun then made him evaporate into ashes.

The man that was there before ran out of the darkness and looked at my then at the pile on the floor in the office. He grabbed at my wrist but the wound was gone. It healed almost instantly. He then asked “What are you?” There was a long pause.. i looked at my wrists and up at him, “I don’t know” i said confused. I stepped away from my car and walked towards the wall to regroup my thoughts. As i looked down that package I was staring at earlier became clear. It had my name on it but the address was the bunker.

“what is this” i asked holding it up then tearing it open. It revealed two maps, a letter and a crumpled up piece of paper. I unfolded it and it revealed a secret language marked out in gold, green and red. The man came over and grabbed the maps out of my hands.

“this is… ” and mentioned a name that i cannot remember. THe image of an older man similar to a geologist or palentologist came to mind. In cayki pants and a jungle hat, covered in dirt with a grey beard, short in stature.

“I Don’t know who that is, How do you know who he is?” I asked puzzled by the entire sitution. He mentioned the name again and the fact that he was shot. He pulled out the bullet i had in my arm out of his pocket and held it out. “this might be the very bullet, but I have no idea how you were there, it was over 70 years ago”.

Even more confused then ever I felt I recognized these objects, and understood what it was meant for. Maybe it was to some kind of treasure, but I had to keep that to my own thoughts.

The sun threatened the people more in the room. He looked over at the light inching towards them. “this will have to be taken care of later”

The Dream now switched to me, the girl and this man in a SUV headed down the road. I was driving with him in the passenger side and her in the back. “You should really sleep during the day” he said, looking at my fatigued face that was barely focusing. I thought, Then i would be nocturnal like you and miss all that the day has to bring, i wouldn’t want to do that.. though it would make things easier in this case.

I would only assume that we were in the car following the maps provided in that package. It was then I said “The package was addressed to me but the list address was that hanger to you, how are you related to all of this?” He looked at my at this point, he seemed like he was trying to figure out what to say or just limited things i should know.

That is when I woke up.