So my dream last night I was a pro dancer with this dancer guy. We were partners and lost this competition to a guy who was just a single and who had lower scores then us for some reason. Because my partner was pissed he just took off. I started walking around looking for a place to eat when some “fans” caught up with me and wantd to hang out. I agreed and they wanted to buy me lunch for it. They took me to mcdonalds lol this girl wanted me to share this combo because she had a coupon for it and it ended up being some burger like pizza combo, it was weird.

While at the front desk i saw that the whole kitchen part was outside but on this circular cilo thing with a cage around it so the girls wouldn’t fall out when making the food. I asked how that could be efficent and she said it was really efficent. Even though it was super tight and they just kept spinning around it putting orders together.

I said to the girls I was with i’ll pass on the food. That is when i saw the guy from the competiton who won in the courtyard area. he was wearing sun glasses and had a posse/entourage with him drawing up some attention. He kept yelling out I”m number 1 being all smug and high up on himself. Looking at him i just sneered a bit in discust of his display and ran off to go home. he caught up to me and started saying things like “How does it feel to be with a loser” getting all up in my face like he was trying to come on to me and harass me at the same time.

I continued on my way and eventually got back to my house. I shut teh door and heard my partner just in teh shower upstairs. I moved my way through the living room into the kitchen where i had a layout of what needed to be packed for our move into a condo from this house. I heard the door shut at the front of the house and was suddenly curious why. I walked out into the living room from the kitchen and saw that guy there plus two big goons.

“excuse me, you are not allowed in this house, get out now” i said rushing towards them stopping them from making themselves comforatble.

“just coming by to visit the losing pair from the compeition, I’ll wait until he comes down, in the mean time you can fix us up some sandwiches in the kitchen hun” sitting down on my couch he motioned for me to do the house wife duty and serve them like guests.

“if you think i’ll be doing that, you’re crazy” I sat down across from them stern look on my face. I looked above and saw my partner in his towel looking down over the situation.

“you are not welcome here” he said.
“I thought you were suppose to be sportsman like and welcome the winners into your home with a smile” he said proudly showing off for his goons.

I stood up now, feeling a bit more theatened. “get out”
“big words for a tiny woman” he said not moving from his spot.

“you have had your warning, video has you taped not leaving at our request, it is up to you how bad this could get, i suggest you leave” i threatened back, catching my partner moving down the stairs towards them slowly.

They got up now and grunted a bit about to leave a last threat.. that is when i woke up.