I can’t remember the whole thing but I will start from the Hotel.

I was running through the hotel trying not to be seen. Dodging through doors, elevators etc and I was with my friend Karen. We got up to a certain floor to see where we could hide but there ended up being some people up there in a huge fight, not any normal fight but with guns.

I ducked into a few open doored rooms where some people were sleeping. Before dodging into the second open doored room i ran into two men dressed up in hero costumes, one had a sword and was going to fight me, he got it stuck in the wall when he took a slice at me and took off. I grabbed the sword out of the wall and then heard a shuffle down the hall. I urged Karen to go into the next room.

There was a woman sleeping there so we said we were room service and grabbed a cart from the hall. I hide myself in the dark corner as Karen pushed the cart in an talked in a hard to hear accent. The people that were looking for me entered and asked the woman some questions. All were half awake answers that she had ordered room service and she didn’t want to be disturbed. The men left and we waited a bit before we left.

Off to the elevator we went, me carrying that sword, we decided the best way to get away was to leave the hotel. So we went to the lobby which was packed full of people. Heading our way through we made it to outside pool area where it seemed to look like spring break. Young male and females everywhere drinking diving into the pool. This is when i realized we were wearing long dresses, one of mine being my zebra print dress.

We started to make our way through the pool and a fight broke out, splashing and kicks and punches knocking people over so we backed out until it finished. We tried again and got all the way across but it happened once more. This time involving me and Karen, a punch was accidentaly thrown by her face and I stopped it. The guy felt threatened so he swung at me, a full fledged fight started now and it was about to get nasty. There was hair grabbing and gut punching and even throat holds. The victor at last was me and i pulled us both out of the pool to move on.

There was a beach now and yet another pool. This beach had another level that was looking over the pool. It was just at the side of where Karen rested at the side of the pool, dangling her legs in. When i came over i dipped into the pool. this is when i took notice that i had a dress on but didn’t seem to care. I Could see a florescent yellow bathing suit underneath. I walked over to her and asked if she was ok, before she could udder a work there were some men above us that yelled down.

At first glance I thought i saw george clooney and brad pit, straight from an oceans 11 movie. When they yelled down again it was definitely 90210 crowd. One was specifically trying to get Karens attention. He wanted to ask her out and she responded back with a scenario that if she was going she wasn’t going alone and that if she was a treesome (not threesome… treesome lol) there should be someone else for that person.

As they pondered about their response i started to swim around. I felt heavy from the dress and it was almost like i could see myself from above. I dipped down under the water and it felt a bit like drowning. I tried to get above the water but took some water in, but was still able to breathe. When resurfacing fully i got out of the water and looked up at the guys that were there. I think Karen had decided to do something so i just followed her along to where the top part of that ledge tapered down into regular beach. I could see the ocean now. It was fairly gloomy off in the distance but it was sunny and hot where we were.

When i looked back i could see balcony’s of people separated by their sex. Females on the left, males on the right. We were taken up there and shown the female side where this tall blond girl named Joceyln was a bit upset. She didnt like the other side, they kept trying to come over and hurt them. I looked back over and saw this pompous looking red head man swinging a red whip type thing made of rubber.. almost like 3 really long dildos together. lol

There was some commotion between the women so there was running through all the floors of their fortress/building. Joceyln i learned was the leader/queen of the women. Each time i ran by her everyone would say your majesty. When things seem to have calmed down i went down to beach level. I could hear some of the men wahooing in the background and saw that a couple down on the each were swimming naked. i continued towards the water and saw a man, fully clothed, coming out of the water walking towards the beach. He looked a lot like vin diesel, bald, large, some tattoos vi sable on his arm.

I wondered to myself where he was coming from. I was at the edge of the water now, kinda staring at him in aww and hit my foot on something hard but it was floating. It looked like a giant brown crystal. Transparent, smoothly cut i picked it up adn it was super light. How i thought, could a rock float in the water. As I examined it the vin diseal character approached looking curiously at the object I had just picked up.

“How could this float” I said spinning it around examining all sides. He then said “it floats because it is hollow” he knocked on it and I heard a hollow sound. It didn’t look hollow though. I looked through it and nothing seemed to show it had an inner hollowness to it. Then i saw something I didn’t see before. Some engraved writing, it almost looked like a name… something… McClaren.

Just as I saw it, the vin diseal character saw it to. He was far more concerned about it and ripped the crystal from my arms. It was important to him but I wasn’t sure why. He grabbed my arm and said “come with me”. As i didn’t have much choice, he dragged me up to the houses/fortresses. People seemed to quiet as we approached. They sensed danger and intrigue when they saw him and the giant crystal. It was almost like you could hear them say “that must be worth a fortune” their greedy little hearts beating beneath their chests.

We went to the women’s side and that is when all hell broke loose. All of the men seemed to jump and pound through the walls coming to attack and get a hold of this crystal. Vin diseal character now let go of me and i started to fend off the attackers. The same ones from last time had it out for me again this time. I felt pain shoot from my left hand up my arm as I was slapped by the red whip thing, another stab a pain on my right leg as someone punched it and pulled me down from a wall i was trying to climb.

I was held back by them and punched one at a time in the gut. I felt tired then, but not in pain, everything around me was super slow motion. The vin diseal guy I saw was fighting off a bunch of people but was getting surrounded. Other girls were also fighting, it was like a lord of a rings battle, not a single space was visible.

The let go of me now, and i fell to the floor, my hair draped over my face and a cool wetness on my arm that was blood. When i could see i saw Joecyln up in arms and restrained. And i knew it wasn’t her they were after, it was me. (no reason why, it just came to me)

Their leader appeared, thin, tattooed, dark emo draped hair and steps shaved into the side of his head, tight black jean pants and a chain. I crawled away from them and tried to go unseen. I rolled over an edge to a lower level where i saw the vin diseal guy lying on the floor. He must have been unconscious as he was still breathing. I pushed him a bit to wake him up, he stirred and eyes opened. “come on, we must go” i said urging him to find some strength and get up. he said “you must leave, they will be looking for you soon”. And like any typical movie scenes it was all about the rescue and not about saving ourselves. I didn’t listen. I urged him again to get up and tried to help. He was now up and i helped him stumble towards a dark corner where he could explain himself further without being detected by the others.

He didn’t’ have much of an explanation but still repeated I was the one that they were looking for. Somehow the crystal and me had some kind of connection. Suddenly things were silent, and everything around me gave me an eerie feeling.

I was yanked away from the darkness and restrained. There was some struggle but I was punched again in the stomach and then a sharp pain in my neck from a needle point and all went dark. I woke up disorientated rolling around on a floor from side to side. Didn’t take long to realize I was on a boat.

That is when i woke up for real (alarm went off)