Nothing feels as great as learning something new and doing something new. Today was all about learning some html, css and java script. Not so good with the java script but hey, i will get there.

Made some amazing vegetarian butter chicken (tofu really) and Tika Marsala with sweet potatoes, tofu and chick peas. I’ll be honest, 2014 I wasn’t all about cooking at all. Since I was sick for nearly a month in December, I have a new tolerance to avoiding crappy foods.

I have made more time to eat healthy and put the money into making it happen. Let’s hope one day that our government smartens up and actually put regulations in place to allow good food to be cheaper and bad food to be taxed more.. or get rid of fast food entirely.

Such a strain on our health system.

The best part of the day, besides getting an awesome slapchat from Viki and Zac from out west was finally seeing my name mentioned in a publication. I like to think I give my clients the best possible service. It is good see it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you Bruce Glazer for mentioning me in Oral Health Magazine. Always a pleasure to work with you on making the CDPA’s projects come to life.