Not all days can be great days. What I learned today is that the smallest thing going wrong or unexpectedly can set the whole day off.

Today started with my metro pass being missing. Having never really putĀ  a lot of money on it, last week was the first time to drop a lump sum on it so I wouldn’t have to keep updating it every 4 days, you know.. to save some time.

What would seem like a time saver just cost me $6 and 7 business days and a whole of extra time buying tickets now that the card has vanished.

So instead of just letting go and moving on from it right away, accepting my loss, I stewed about it. Just look at all the thought in the details of how much I was losing from this one event instead of just looking at the gain.


1) Getting up a bit earlier so i can buy my tickets and getting a few more steps in exercise.

2) Not having to tap on or off for the presto pass

3) Learning that planning everything out doesn’t really always make your life easier, that you need to just allow time for the unplanned things to happen and to just let go.

If only i could see that this morning, but I allowed it to control my morning. Being short with people over the simple answers to questions. I should have just allowed myself to be an open ear instead of a closed one.

By lunch, i had forgotten about my chiropractor appointment and rushed out the door when i was 15 min to catch it. Discovered the muscle tension in my neck was far worse than imagined previously. Who knew I could be this tense? lol

The day ended with getting a much needed massage, although painful, helped relax my current situation with tension. Now, onto making some beef jerky for the first time.

If it turns out I’ll post the recipe. If it doesn’t, I hope to let go of my loss. Or just focus on what I gained from it all. Try, try again until you succeed.