December 21, 2012 has passed us by without much of a peep of real global destruction. Perhaps the joke was on us, that it had already started. Something the Maya got right was that this is a chance the world is entering into new time, time to change, time to realize the errors of our past and move into better more productive sustainable behaviors.

New year’s resolution for the world, time to start thinking about our daily actions and do something to be productive not to produce but to protect.

Look at the trends, organic, green, sustainable, live longer… all of these things are becoming more difficult because of the resources and how they are being used. When you purchase organic goods, the purpose is to have them free of pesticides, but what other environmental pollution resides inside the skin, the meat, the juice? How clean is the water used to feed animals or the water used to grown the plants? How clean is the air in the environment that the plants and animals are kept in? These factors are not included in the organic standards that are set by our governments individually? Depending on where you buy your products from, there may be tighter or looser restrictions for their manufacturing.

Best thing you can do is to start asking questions, anywhere you can. We are natural solution finders, just asking a question can seed the idea. An idea is one of the most powerful things in this world, much like hope, idea can spread like wildfire and grow into more ideas.