There are times where you feel broke, not financially, just not completely whole or working properly. It is surprising how often have this feeling. My guess is, society, family, friends the world around them makes them feel like something is always missing or something is always wrong with them.

This is the biggest lie that we tell ourselves. It is also the one that has the most negative impact on our pursuit of happiness. And it isn’t always the easiest thing to fix, even if people say “well just stop comparing yourself to others”.

I think it is easier to have others tell us what we should want than experience the journey ourselves to really find out what we want. It is ingrained in our species to make several mistakes before finding out what really works. However, I find that today, it is easier to not make all those mistakes and settle for the easy route.

Here are some things I told myself today:

• You don’t need to have kids to feel like you belong in a family. • Because what you say may not be interesting to whom you tell it doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting, you just haven’t found the right audience.
• Helping someone is better than having them judge you on the quality or amount of help you give them. The are lucky to receive your love.

The truth is, you are born perfect. I think Lady Gaga had that right! There will be others that match up with you that see this perfection and love you, they won’t judge, they will admire, they will accept and will want to learn from you and with you on your journey.

You have been given all the right tools and advice on your journey for each obstacle, you just need to take your time to look and listen for it. Let your wonderful self out and love it, all your gifts were given to you for a reason. There are those who see you for all that you are, surround yourself with their company and thrive together.

You are never really broken, you just found a way to be stronger than you already were.