Recently a friend sent me a post of how to grow your own food from scraps. So I decided to give it a go. I was shocked how fast life started to happen just from a few days of sitting in water.

Great foods to buy and regrow at home in just some water to create cheap food:

Parsley roots – Cut about 1 inch below the stem
Bok Choy – Cut 2 inches above the base
Garlic – Allow to sprout on its own or place in water and sunlight when roots appear you can plant in soil.
Green onions – Cut 1 inch above base and place in water, when roots develop place in soil
Lettuce – Cut two inches above base and place in water.
Onion bulbs – Just like garlic allow to spout or put in water and sunlight then bury in soil.
Potatoes – Place whole just above some water with some toothpicks in a glass. Sprouts will grow and vine out.
Pineapple – LONG TERM – take the top head piece and place it in water.. may take a few years to develop.

Please note it is important to monitor the water and change it our frequently either every day or every other day. Try using filtered water, as some higher chlorinated water may interrupt the growing process.

Remove chlorine from water by leaving it out at room temperature and allowing it to dissipate for a few hours or using a filtration device.

If you get organic veggies, chances are you may get some seeds (no guarantee though). Remember there are a lot of chemicals and genetically modified seeds out there designed to make sure that the plants survive but cannot have genetic replication at home.