The wifi was out and the closest free outlet was McDonalds. Nothing like a decent greasy delicious last meal before a cleanse. I’m waiting in line and the guy emptying the garbage is literally the happiest guy I have seen. Maybe he has some developmental disorder, cause he generally looked a little funny, but he was happy as hell.

Everything that came out of his mouth was upbeat, he was even dancing around and “bip bopping”. He was helpful and agreed to all the tasks that were given to him. He even came by my table to compliment the greatness of the wifi and took my tray away to put in the garbage.

What can we learn from this guy? Everything! He finds joy in the simple tasks, and loves to interact with people and help out. He doesn’t worry about feeling needed or stepping up the latter over someone, he looks at all the greatness in the little things like the wifi, the weather, and the fact he has time later to fix little things like a spill on the floor.

My thoughts on what he must be thinking: There is time to do all of this. And he is right, there is time to do this, he just kept his goals simple and lived in the moment. I doubt he is thinking ahead to the list of things he has to do that night like make dinner, go pick up the kids, how the car might not be working or the garden needs watering. He is just in the zone, i need to do this right now and I’m going to do it the best I can with a smile on my face because “I Got This!” .

Good for him. I want to take a page out of his manual on life.