This weekend, I set off on an adventure to visit a friend living on a commune, or a community interest farm. Together, with local mutual interested friends, they generate, restore and replenish the farm and provide sustainable options of produce without the use of pesticides.

Most people would find their type of living “below standard” but what I saw that they had that no one else had was a sense of community, mutual cooperation and respect not only for each other but for all living things around them. It has inspired me to search other like minded people in my community out to start, organize and maintain my local environment.

Benefits of a community:

• Friends
• Shared knowledge and resources
• Safety and respect
• Low impact production and consumption
• Education
• Awareness on all levels

With just a little bit of work, trust and time, I feel with the right people and resources we can get something good going here in Oshawa, using models like Dragonfly in Manooth as a starting point.

Wanted: Like minded individuals 🙂

Strength is in numbers and togetherness. We put so much faith in just one or two people that we hold in just high esteem and feel constantly let down that their interests are not in the best interests of the survival of our kind. When a large group of leaders are focused on their survival and quality of living and putting that above the people that built the world, it is the united group of the workers that must stand together to demand their equal place and benefit in this world. Together we can live sustainably in harmony without the needs of greed, having more or being better. Lets live happy together on the same level where all our needs are met with ease, no stress!