Being and adult comes with many short falls. You were raised and trained from childhood for being and adult, you rushed through your teens pretending you were an adult and the day finally comes where you have adult issues. Where all the joyous freedom of being a child and taking things for granted is gone. Not forever, just scheduled on weekends and after work.

The biggest part of being an adult is knowing that you are the only person that makes decisions for your life from here on out. You are entirely accountable for keeping yourself sheltered, clothed, fed and alive. There will be times in your life where you are not able to fulfill those basic needs.

Are you a failure at being an independent free adult? NO!

It took sitting in gruesome traffic with bad radio and my own irritating thoughts to come to the conclusion.

One of the greatest gifts in life is allowing people to help you. They are not being charitable for the sake of pity, they empathize with your situation (whatever it may be) and want to help in the best way they can. It could mean they give you money, they come over and do chores around your house, or simply just listen to you bitch about whatever might be going on. If they are a really great person (which likely they are), they want to do those things for you, because they know being there for you is what you need right now.

So let them. You need them. Drop those feelings that you feel that people are feeling pity for you. What you are going through is just a matter of time, it isn’t forever, it is there for you to learn from and be stronger to overcome. Having people help you doesn’t make you any less equipped for the job. You know now that you don’t have to do it alone.

We spend enough hours thinking we are alone, surprise!! you are not! And you will realize that sooner when you let people help you.

Good luck on the journey. You have everything to gain from it.