Past Life Regression Hypnosis is a subject that has always interested me, however, it was all about timing. After going to a solstice event last week and receiving a 10 min psychic reading, I was set on finding out more about my past.

It started by watching a video about crystals that lead me to a local store. In turn, I started talking to the Reiki specialist there about 3rd level Reiki that lead me to Domino.

Her passion and dedication on the subject sold me on the immediate booking. I went to her on Saturday with the intent to know more about who I am, not just about who I was.

1) Yes you do remember what you go through
2) You are the one talking, they are not feeding you answers, only questions
3) You are in control, you conscious mind can kick in at any point to stop things if they are not within your comfort level.
4) It is safe

My experience: 2 hours
20-30 min going under – my conscious was fighting me
Intent- you are only shown what you need to know to help you in this life. If you are struggling with something in particular, chances are you will find the answers or tools to help you deal with that, it also allows you the chance to heal something that you may have otherwise had no access to. That was my intent. Heal!

Past life 1 – Little girl trapped in darkness in an attic either left behind or saved from harm while her family was taken from her. However,  she died from her abandonment in lonely despair and hunger. She was the part of me that needed to be rescued, loved and healed.

Sometimes parts of ourselves are trapped, alone and lost that only need a bit of light to help guide them, make them feel safe and hopeful. After confronting her and helping her and making her feel safe and loved, I could leave with that extra weight off my shoulders.

Past life 2 – The young man – lived on the coast, alone much of the time, quiet, eventually finds a job as a roofer and makes friends. Learns to smile and enjoy life and finds love with a woman. Enjoys the farming lifestyle and eventually raises two kids. Outside his whole life, he enjoys it outdoors. His life is tragically cut short in an accident where the barn collapses and he succumbs to his injuries. On his death bed  he can think of nothing else than the well being of his family, their care and their future. His entire lack of control over his fate, he suffers not knowing how to provide for them.

I left that life knowing true care and love for people and an understanding that nothing is really in our control and that sometimes people have to be on their own.

Overall, I got what I came for. The intense emotional connection to both lives was overwhelming and pure. The little girl and her emotions were deeply rooted. I could not control my response, I could only cry in fear and sadness for her. I’m glad I carry her in my heart with me now in a safe place, pure of light. With the man, he is my strength, his will to be strong physically but also emotionally. Despite his huge size, he was vulnerable as well.