How often do you wake up each day and thankful for the opportunity to experience another day? Over many years of high anxiety and depression, I found that waking up each day was extremely difficult to find the meaning in it to make it worth getting out of bed for. Then one day i found positive affirmations and this changed my life for good.

Affirmations are similar to prayer just with out the religion attached to it. You basically repeat a few words or sentences at key parts in your day or whenever you feel like you may need them and you immediately start to feel the positive influence it will have on your mood, your energy and the people around you.

Some that I use in the morning that have completely 180’d my life.

• Thank you for another day on this beautiful earth

• I am wonderful, kind, beautiful, funny and smart.

• I am thankful for every opportunity I am given.

• I will not let the need to control, control me.

• I love you (myself)

I think the last one if the most important one of all. We can’t rely or hold out for others to say this to us. The one person that you don’t have to earn this or to hear from is yourself. Saying this to yourself everyday, multiple times a day will help you understand that you are the most important person in your life and that all the other people you love are joyful additions.

Make use of your own positive affirmations in your daily life, and you will find the stress easier to deal with, the sleep easier to obtain and happiness filling every aspect of your day.

The search for happiness is just a few words away.