You can experience wonderful results with Reflexology and Reiki

I have had a few clients now and have experienced my own sessions of Reiki and Reflexology and the results are fantastic. Just review a few of the most common positive Reiki and Reflexology results after just one session.

  1. A great nights sleep
  2. Reduction of headaches
  3. Feeling emotional release
  4. Digestive relief – digestion gets moving and expelling toxins
  5. Pain reduction
  6. Euphoria or increased happiness for weeks
  7. Swelling reduction
  8. Increased flexibility in joints and muscles

Can you imagine what repeat sessions would help do? I would like to do some case studies with people for Reflexology and Reiki on specific issues to see and monitor the outcomes. I would like post the results here to show everyone how these alternative health therapies can greatly assist in helping people. If you would like to take part in a study, please contact me. I will offer a discounted rate for all participants.

Reiki and Reflexology is not to replace proper medical diagnosis, attention and treatment. It should be used in conjunction with your Doctor’s advice and proper nutrition.

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