Please fill out the form and request a Reflexology or Reiki service from the drop-down. We will respond within 24 hours of your request. Please indicate in the text field what time frame will work best for you. Services are performed in-home office. A 1 Hour Reflexology or Reiki treatment will help relax, rejuvenate and help balance your mind, soul and body.

Due to COVID-19, you must be symptom-free when arriving to your appointment. No client will be admitted with a cough, fever or running nose. This is for everyone’s safety. You will also be required to wear a facial mask and to wash your hands upon arrival. 

I will be required to wear a facial mask, ensure the space is sanitized between appointments and new linens are exchanged with every client. All doorknobs and light switches will also be sanitized and any surface that is touched before during or after the appointment. 

Call/Text to book or email – 647 984 0272 –

1 Hour Reflexology session covers a gentle massage of the feet with oil dessert. Lose your stress and tension with Reflexology this year and gain a healthier happier you. –  $70

PAYMENT: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and Cash.

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Extended health spending account insurance can be applied to your Reflexology or Reiki treatment. Please let the practitioner know you will need a receipt for this claim. Most standard insurances do not cover these services…yet. We are hopeful that Reflexology and Reiki will soon be covered as standard services in the near future.