What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing using the energy within you, around you and the energy of the practitioner.

All living and unliving matter on this planet contains some type of energy. As basic as atoms, from rocks to animals, energy can impact the state of each item subtly and drastically.

With Reiki, energy is guided to areas that require it. A practitioner, uses their energy and yours and guides it through touch or over your body at close proximately or long distances. Reiki has no limits and is only used for good.

How will Reiki make you feel?

I have been to several group sessions with 3-6 people. Each of us lie on a table and a master or practitioner will place hands comfortably and lightly on you or over you. You will feel intensely relaxed, and may experience a warm sensation, visions of color or images, or you may just fall asleep.

In some of my more intense sessions (as an empath) I was quite emotionally responsive to treatment. I wanted to cry. Sometimes a great release of emotion is necessary to help heal the area within. Other treatments I have responded with a euphoric state for several days. Feeling completely light and free of all care or worry.

Each response is unique to you.

Can Reiki hurt you?

Reiki cannot hurt you physically or emotionally. The energy that is given and shared is designed to heal. Even if the intent was negative, you cannot be hurt by it.

Can anyone do Reiki?

Anyone is capable of Reiki. Have you ever walked into a room and said “You can cut the tension in here with a knife”? That is your mind feeling the energy of the people in the room and what just transpired. Their energy has imprinted in the space enough that you can pick it up at a distance.

This goes the same for the feeling you receive when you hug someone. The physical side affects are warm and the mental is happy and joyful. That feeling can linger as you have picked up the good intentions and love shared by the person you are hugging.

You can even provide treatment to your friends and family through touch or intent without knowing the symbols. Studies are proving that positive thinking and intention setting can have great impact on your physical body and emotional well being. This can be share with people you love around you.

Tips for providing self treatment and home treatment:

• Lay comfortably on the floor or in the bath (water is an excellent way to transmit energy and promote relaxation and healing) and place your hands 5-10 minutes on each charaka point on your body. In your mind, visualize the color of each charaka point or set your intent for the session – “I and giving myself the energy I need to heal, activate and energize this charaka point”.

• If you are with someone else, have them lay infront of you or on a bed. Place your hands above their body or directly on them using the same charaka points as a guide. Be sure to ask their permission if they are comfortable being touched. Sometimes it is just as good to cuddle with someone or hug them for longer lengths of time. May feel awkward at first but the results will be worth it.

• Animals also enjoy Reiki. You can help your furry little friend relax just by placing your hands on them (if they will sit still and allow you) You’ll find that they will keep coming back for more.

Where can you look for Reiki sessions and what is the going rate?

You can search online or ask your local health practitioner if they offer Reiki. Just talking to peers about it may open up the doors to people who don’t practice for income. Reiki circles and groups are great ways to try it out and ask questions, as well as get some free regular treatment.

Rates usually range from $50-$120 per hour.
Someone who practices regularly will have an easier time treating areas or ailments. You may experience better results with people who practice frequently, as they are more attuned and sensitive to the energies.

Can Reiki cure disease?

This is a touchy subject. The easy answer is No.  As science progresses into more studies in energy healing and natural health alternative medicines, there is not many published studies to say that Reiki will cure you.

Your body is a perfect vessel, it is what we put in it, subject it to environmentally and mentally prepare it for, that causes sickness or lack of energy in the body.

Reiki will offer treatment to bring energy back to encourage healing of serious and acute health issues. Much of your own thoughts and intent outside of Reiki will help you heal as well. Mind over matter, you can get yourself back on track.

What conditions can Reiki help me with?

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Back problems
Pain Management
Self Esteem
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Skin Conditions
Digestive Issues