Learn more about how you can cleanse your energy everyday

Smudging traditionally originates with Native American culture in the art of removing negative energy from your energy field. Using a bundle of dried herbs, such as cedar and white sage, burning the herbs creating a smoke to “wash clean” the energy field.

Smudging has also been used to cleanse homes and properties of negative energies and is usually done with accompanied chants of positive words and intent and asking any negative or residing energy to leave the premise.

To smudge your own energy

Start by washing your hands with the smoke of the smudge stick by circling around your hands. Then start at the top of your crown chakra and work downwards through the body, putting particular focus on crown and heart chakras. Work and circle around each limb, around your torso, through your legs and around your feet. Keeping in mind your positive intent. If you would like to speak out loud you can, banishing negative and breathing in positive.

Smudging your space, I often carry a smudge stick in my car. Sometimes going to other spaces (old spaces) or homes that have carried  negative energy can have a negative effect on me. So I smudge myself in the car, so I am not to carry anything home with me and protect myself on my journey.

The proper way to do smudging is around the door starting on the left side.  Stick to the left side around the vehicle and circling around. You are to “shoot” the smoke out the door. You can also close the door and lock some of the smoke in the car for a few minutes. Ideally, you should allow any ashes to return to the earth from whence it came. Remember to hold your intent or say your prayer as you smudge. After a minute or two, enter the car and allow all the smoke to escape (usually driving with the windows down does this fast).

Home Smudging

This same method can be applied to your home. Just be sure to smoke in all the dark hiding places like under the couch, behind bookcases etc. It might smell smoky for a few days but it goes away.

The energy feels very light after a smudging. I often get a sense of relaxation, like waking up from a great nap.  As a result, the room feels clean to me, despite the smoke smell.  In addition, my energy field feels buzzed after a single sage smudge cleanse.

I encourage you to try smudging for yourself. You can make your own from white sage or buy them in most health food stores.

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