Just like a finger print, spirituality is completely unique and beautiful to every person.

As the only species on this earth to have belief or faith in something greater, spirituality has been used to unite and segment small and large masses of culture.

So what does spirituality mean to you?

To mean, it means believing in finding a way to discover my inner self without discrimination to any other. It is personal, it is helpful, it is confusing at times and it is an endless journey within and outside of comfort zones.

One of my passions is to keep an open mind about the possibilities of more, the options of the unknown, unseen and unstudied.

How can you find it?

Sometimes spirituality finds you. The best method is to keep an open mind about as much as you can. You may have been taught already what spirituality should mean to you with religious books, education, culture etc.  If your beliefs makes you happy and pose no threat to life, I am not to judge to say it isn’t right for you. Nor is anyone else. Because it is for you, and you alone.

Some ways I have found my way down the spiritual path include:

1) Giving up on fear – Acknowledge your fear and push past reasons that are keeping you in fear.

2) Education & Research – Find something that interests you and go with it.

3) Meditate – Meditation is not about results. Focus on breathing and finding peace, even if it is only for a moment at a time.

4) Talk to people – Ask questions, talk to people about their own experiences. Leave judgement behind and listen. You will get your chance to speak as well and share.

5) Go places and do things – Travel is a great way to learn perspective, appreciate new cultures and have new experiences.  Vacation stimulates new areas of the brain and allows you to make decisions outside of our normal routine.

6) Connect with people and life – Be with family, listen, observe, take part, and share love. You have everything to gain even if you find out it is something you don’t like. Connect with life, ground yourself. Walk barefoot, get dirty, swim in the lake, ocean or water, feel mother earth. So much energy can be transferred to you through touch.

Furthermore, enjoy your spiritual experience. You have a full life’s journey ahead of you, behind you and in the current moment to enjoy and learn from. If you believe in living in the moment, you have the opportunity to create happiness everyday for yourself and for others. Sometimes you may need to remind yourself of that. Because we are human, we can make mistakes, find solutions and further our understanding of who we are through our actions. It is up to you how you live your life each day. Choose wisely.