I have been sans a pet for over 6 years now and that void was growing. 3 months of research into dog and cat ownership, multiple website humane society searches, lots of conversations with family and friends about their experiences and several restless nights later… I got a kitten.

Fate would have it that my friend had been feeding a stray cat, that then attracted another stray female cat.. they got shacked up together in their house my friend and her husband made and had a nuclear family. Two boys and a girl. After a few weeks, the cats were rescued from the outdoors and the arms/teet of their stray mother and given shelter indoors.

Once shown these adorable little kittens in person, my heart was set on the girl. Black soft little runt of a kitten Sasha was brought into my home at 8 weeks. Thoroughly prepared (from my months of research), tears of joy filled my eyes and laughter was brought back into the house.

Simple joys:

1) Kittens and cats purr – no way to hate this, its adorable and makes you feel as loved as they are.

2) They play in boxes, do crazy ass flips, jump astonishing distances vertically and horizontally and find new ways everyday to make you smile.

3) They love you unconditionally, and if you get a cat, they often like their own space and time to chill on their own. Not knocking dogs, love them too, but they rely heavily on routine, order and their owner for everything.

4) Change of schedule – thought you were going to sleep in – think differently! They like poking you in the face at 4 am and it could be for a cuddle or because they are hungry, doesn’t matter they are cute as hell and I now know what 4 and 5 am look like on a daily basis (kinda nice to see the sun rise).

5) You’re having a bad day – chances are they are not, and you will stop having that bad day once you see their sweet innocent face. They are uncorrupted by our human ways and rescue us from our worst days.

6) That strange noise in the night – not so strange, blame it on the pet, less sleepless nights wondering when you have a cute adorable excuse. Unless you know its not them, you should then turn the light on and figure out what it is. Safety first!

I could go on and on but you get it. Rescue a pet today and start a life full of love and joy. Stress levels will drop and you’ll find an excellent reason to stay in and use the word “play” again. Childhood revived!

Rescue Resources:

Toronto Humane Society

Southern Ontario Dog Rescue

Hopeful Hearts Dog Rescue

Ora Animal Rescue

Toronto Cat Rescue

Annex Cat Rescue

In the words of Bob Barker – “Spay and neuter your pets – help control the pet population”