I was in a school, lockers lined the wall and the corridors were filled with people. There was this man that was threatening people and there was a fear stirring among the group. As I left a classroom the whole room burst with flame and all was destroyed. Many left the building at that point and the fire seem to follow.

I was quick to realize this man was the cause of it all. It was almost like he had a power to blow things up with fire anywhere he went at will. On the run now, I tried to get away, homes, towns and cities started to go up in flame and not many were able to escape. I was able to get my aunts and convince her to pack all that was necessary to go but the process was taking too long and this fire-starter man found me and burst the house into flame. I was in a city now trying to seek refuge somewhere. I ran into some younger 20 something’s in a commercial building and went down a glass encased stair well to a basement where it was all concrete. Each corner of the building seemed to have an garden with a beautiful fountain, much like a zen garden. I thought to myself, that I would like to stay here longer but I had to keep moving. I left those people behind and headed to the forest with all that I could.

I managed to only have a backpack and climbed the hill until I could overlook the city. It was destroyed in rubble and some parts still in flame. I was saddened by the sight but still had to keep moving on. I traveled through the bush to another city. I met up with some people I was familiar with in a parking lot, much of which contained rubble and they told me there was a group of people that were hiding away that they could help me hide too. I had seen some of these building from a previous dream. Condos buildings built of glass but with not much around them for city-scape or landscaping.

One of the men I knew led me through the city and I knew which one he was leading me to, as I had been there before. The space was the same, the room, the windows and layout. He didn’t say much to me but he was handsome and wanted to seduce me.

*Woke up* figures right ?! Just when it was about to get interesting.