I had two dreams last night, this being the second and most recent (fresh in my mind)

It started with being underground at a mall. I was walking around with someone discussing why most of the items in the stores were useless as we were all practically homeless during this epic war that was happening. Thundering noises can be heard as the walls and floors shook. Most people ignored the sounds as they were getting used to them.

There were two floors of transit, both subway related and malfunctioning. With the lack of works/people around I was shocked that they were still moving and practically functioning. I walked downward to the subway on the bottom. It blew past me shaky and noisy wobbling on the tracks. I decided to jump down on the tracks and start walking after it.

This whole place was new to me. The subway cavern gave away to a larger (outdoor ) like space. Caverened in by stone and metal shards, pieces of concrete warn or fallen away from the ceiling. As i walked i started thinking about the war outside, why it was happening, how it was still going on and what the place of the humans were deep below the earth.
I looked behind me to make sure another subway wasn’t coming. I heard its shaky loud noise approaching but it was still far behind. I was going to jump onto the next platform now, wander along the corridors aimlessly.

Someone met with up with me when i got upstairs and stopped to look at a woman carrying a baby in a poster. There was no babies around or even young children that i could see. “Why are there no children.?” i asked looking at the person next to me. They looked confused like children was a foreign word. I looked past them to people walking towards me, everyone was teenager or adults, no children.. where were they all or how did we all come to be. Why was the only person who knew about children?

I left the person there and continued walking thinking about all these questions I had. I approached what was now the centre of the city. A large digital map explained there were only 5 cities in the world built 54km wide connected by two subways that circled down the middle. Started to explain a war against machines and aliens and humans. Much of the war continuing was machine to alien based, some humans protecting the territory of the city were still out there fighting.

The cities were deep below the earth, where it was warmer to the center of the earth and energy could be created from the heat to make the city functional. Much of the earth surrounding the city was thick rock, hardly penetrable by any human force, the humans were trapped in a city of their own creation. Much like the war by their own devices.

I turned around now to see the command centre. It was old, technology seemed years behind and it was falling apart. Nothing seemed right about it. “this is not right at all” i said out loud not really thinking any one was listening to me. A man stopped out of curiosity and ask “what is wrong with it?”
I said “It should be all white, the technology here has not been present for years and this hub seems to small to be the central command station for a such a large mass of people”. He approached now, a lot more curious that I had something true then something of a rambling. “what did you say” he asked, closer beside me now listening more intently. “i just this just doesn’t look like it can control the city, this can’t be the right one, i have seen something that is all white, new, with technology and computers far better then this” my own words shocked me . Where did i see this. I was confident I have seen it before.

The man seem to know what I was talking about but didn’t want others to know. He grabbed my arm now and said “perhaps you should come with me”. I didn’t have much of a choice and frankly my curiosity overcame any type of fear i might have.

And as dreams do, i vanished and found myself in the room I was describing pulled in by the mysterious man. The room was all white, had significantly larger space for a massive screen that projected the map of the city, a missing part of the old map was a large lake in the middle the subway must have gone under so no one saw it. The man pointed at the lake and told me the watersource for all live in the city was from that lake, he had a name for it that i still can’t remember. My entire walk in the city nothing came close to green grass, sunlight or blue skies, flowers or animal life. But it seemed it existed in this spot.

He turned me around.. we were at the top of a open atrium of life, a large marble patio was just outside the open wall that led down some stairs where there was a bridge over a small stream of water. There was grass.. the first sighting of grass in this underground city. The walls were not concrete they were stone, like a edge of a mountain with cascading vines down the sides and moss. The humidity of the room was refreshing from the cold stank of the subway lines and air.

But something was not all that it seemed in here. The bridge across the water led up to the other half of the atrium where a group of people were sitting like some aristocracy government. A large chair for the emperor or king/queen and smaller guilded chairs for subordinate staff all of which were filled by people wearing elaborate outfits fit for royalty of the 19th century but more modernized with exaggerated collars, detailing and fabrics.

The man took me down the marble stairs and approached the bridge. The people were suddenly aware of my presence, like i was an offering for a slaughter for their dinner that night. I felt no fear at all. i just stared at them. The man urged me to cross.. members of the seated chairs stood up as i crossed their sacred border. The man stayed behind as i continued my way up to the platform in which they were seated. “and your purpose is?” one asked another saying “perhaps she knows to much” another saying “or too little but enough to be here have it end” “what do you know stranger” the empress/queen said hidden a bit in the dark so her face was hidden.

“Your lying to these people” The council of people seemed a bit caught off guard and aggravated by this. “Lying!?And how do we lie to the people?” sarcastic tone but angry this man approached me with a smirk on his face.

“You have an alliance and the war has been over for ages. You keep them down here trapped in a cage of fear so that others can creep the benefits of above, all of those who you deem unfortunate, ill, ignorant you ship down here. That is why there are no children around, no babies or mothers. people walk around aimlessly not questioning anything because of your doing”

Where did this come from I thought? Had I known this all along? What I said pulled the Queen out of the shade and into the light. her face visible now, she seemed familiar but couldn’t place her just like the words i spouted out.

A wave of her hand I had the council trying to surround me. I opened both my arms up wide sharply to avoid their grasp and a sonic wave escaped slowly down time. It was like i fully discovered myself and my purpose now. I was here to stop this all..to balance it all out like neo from the matrix. The man that was across the river was not in slow motion, he and his crew could see the whole situation unfold as the council flew slowly in the air and came to rest 20 ft away on the floor.

I walked towards the queen determined to put things right “I am hear to take back what is mine” i said. I grabbed her by the throat fear trembled through her body, and flung her across the floor to the edge of the platform. Things were not slow anymore. Everyone who was dispersed stayed away in fear now. And those across the way were intrigued. I looked over to them “come i will show you what they have held back from you all these years” With the slap of my hands a blue forcefield filled the room circling around the crew and excluding all members of the council. I pushed upwards and we leapt towards the ceiling in the blue orb, crushing through its top into hard rock at break neck speeds. The members of the crew started to grow cold, i looked back and helped them warm up. Around us, ground broke away and we were in open space. The noises were loud and all around us were machines. Some were robot like that stood 100 storeys high, others were flying saucers and more elaborate space ships. we hovered for a bit as i took in the scene. I took the orb to what looked like an older ship. We vanished into it leading the crew and myself into the command centre of it.

The ship was run by humans. Astonished by our arrival so mysteriously into their cabin, they were on guard. “Your war is over I said, this has all been a fraud by your government” They failed to believe me, they had been fighting this war for years and it was as real as they were. I told them to stop firing their guns and no one would shoot at them. They were hardly going to believe me. I said again “if you don’t fire your guns they will stop shooting at you, they are design to shoot what is shooting them as a response, they have no idea how to distinguish the difference”

The captain did not want to take the risk. I vanished again to prove a point out into my blue orb and fired away at one of the approaching machines. The fire turned all machine fire at me, as a test they stopped firing.. and then fired once to see if anything would happen. Once they fired someone fired at them.. so they stopped.. it stopped. They were starting to believe me. With one massive explosion of power from the orb, the machines in the area fell to the ground. I returned to the ship.

‘Tell your captains to stop firing and regroup, Ill be back with more information”.
I took the crew and we were back in the orb outside of the ship now powering through the mess. one by one the machines started turning on themselves as ships powered down from shooting. The war would end itself in no time. I pushed through yet another ceiling of concrete, wires, and stone into the final layer where the sky would be. The last few feet were slow, looking up, I only saw the light, the others shielded their eyes as we pushed through the top. Water.. it was water of an ocean, only 30 metres deep we pushed through that into the sky. The crew ran to the edges, hands against the walls of the orb to see what they only heard of, the sun. Up and up we went until we could see land. We flew across the ocean to see it, plush green lands, not ravaged by war but with years and years of growth, there were animals across the grass plains, and birds in the sky. I saw a outline of a city coming up and felt myself become more determined.

The city was larger then the underground one, plush green rooftops, clean, void of any type of pollution, no cars, just monorail transports. I moved towards the largest building at the centre of the city, knowing that it would be where i had to go. I lowered the orb down and let the crew go to explore. I assured they would be ok and I would find them later. I needed them to prove to their people it was real.

I flew up to the top of the building and entered through the glass at then penthouse level. The room was vast but there was only a leather chair in it facing the corner. my steps echoed off the walls when i walked towards it. “it has begun” i said stopping just behind the chair. The chair swiveled around to reveal a man in his 30s in a suit. He sighed “i suppose it was only a matter of time”
“This world will not know your order any longer, it will be your actions now that will determine your place”

I turned around and started to walk away, then vanished through the glass down to where the crew were scattered about. I picked them up and returned to the captain on the ship. “your ships are instructed to return to the city bring them home” “home ?” he asked

“Home” I smiled.