I had a few dreams last night but this one was before i woke up.

there was a dance competition out in this field where there was an open barn. But the bar was wrecked with couches, old tables and the flooring was uneven. Knowing my partner and I were the first to go we tried to compromise with the surface for our routine.

After hours of moving furniture around we gave up and started building our set on the grass below. we had people helps us, bring in sand, music and large rocks and shells for the surface (not sure how it would help out the dancing aspect). There was a fabric overlay as well that wouldn’t help anything out. it was starting to look more ritual then anything.

We were wearing large tie die type of shirts with long gloves that went past our elbows. The grass around this field where we set up was long almost up to my waist. I was communicating with my partner what i wanted to do for my routine and she asked me “why aren’t you doing what we had planned?” Truth was i didn’t know what we had planned and how it was going to synchronize.

There was some commotion behind us as the crowed of other performers started to build. Then some screams. A large yellow snake broke through the concrete wall behind us. It burst through and ravaged the crowd then slithered into the grass where we were. It was hard to see since the grass was so high. But i think it was gone.

After people settled down we were encouraged to get started. My partner in front of me we started with a few waves of arms with our legs bent in a squatting position. I moved into my next move and saw the yellow snake coming back. I put both my arms up to block it like I was in a boxing match and it hit me and bounced off. It circled around and started to come back so i began to run through the long grass. My strides were slow as i pushed through the grass up to the concrete wall. It caught up to me fast and i faced towards it, it clipped me in the arm. I could hear people yell “shoot it shoot it” but not one made any attempts. What was I to do in the presence of this beast? My arm started to gush as i held it and moved on towards the wall. I got up to it and then a giant tiger appeared, closer to the size of an elephant. It too threatened me. I was stuck between the tiger and the snake now.

Once the snake saw the tiger he saw immediate threat so he attacked the tiger. I was able to run beneath its legs into a concrete alcove. Its fur pressed against the cove sending me flying against the wall. I could hear the roarers and hisses of the two intertwined with one another in front of me. If the tiger would die there I would be trapped. Finally they both moved, wrestling down the hill into the grass. The snake puncturing a venomous bite into the tiger while it grabbed at the snake with its large paws.

I climbed over the embankment and stumbled into the crowd where a few security men came up to me to assess my injury’s. “aww just a scratch” one said looking down at my arm. “just at scratch!!! ??? a fucking giant snake bit my arm!” i yelled “your friend is off by helicopter you will have to go by land”. I looked at him disgusted by his lack of urgency for my injury. And walked off with the guard.