It started out like any tuesday afternoon nap. I was tired and it was about to storm outside. I found a comfortable warm spot on my bed and dozed off.

I found myself in an apartment shared with a girl named susan. She was short with dark short hair and jonted around the apartment talking about her day. I smiled as i listened to her rant on and on about her horrible boss at work while i stared down reading a magazine. She had mentioned something about the time and it totally sunk in I had to be somewhere by 9. “Shit what time is it?” i asked her standing up and then grabbing her arm to look at her watch.

It was well past 9 so i dropped her arm and bolted to my room, grabbed a few things for my purse and slid on some shoes to get out of the house. I stepped out briefly hearing Susan muffled goodbye in the back ground as i slammed the door behind me. The sky was think with humid air and i could feel the electricity of a storm approaching. It was surprisingly dark for 9 but i figured the clouds were blocking most of the light. I reached deep into my purse for keys, fumbled around for a bit then realized the car was on the fritz. So i had to walk. “Damn car,” i thought crunching over the gravel of the drive to the road.

The dim of the street light provided just enough light between posts to see the ground on the road. It felt like a horror movie seen as I continued walking. Alone, down a empty road on a dark eerie night, late for my job, barely enough light to see. The type of scene bad things happen to people in. It was upon that thought i heard something stir behind me. I turned around and nothing was there. I continued walking shrugging it off a bit but putting my hand in my purse for the keys. Girls should always do that, keep their keys handy as a weapon just in case.

I didn’t hear much else when I finally reached my job. It was at a bar as a waitress. not something I aspired to be but it was good for now. Lucky for me it was a nice place on the lake. Lots of the rich folks came around to drop a few hundred a night on bottle service and some decent food. Then there were the outstanding few that just ordered plates and messed around on teh food, hardly ate anything on it. Just seemed to like to waste beautiful things.

They didn’t cuss up to much of a fuss when i got there a tad late. Things were a bit slow because of weather anyway so not much had to be preped. As the night went along, customers came and went, got a bit busy later on when the younger crowd showed up. It was martini after martini, feeding their lust for the drunk feeling, no being aware of anything around them. I was jealous of that feeling, it had been a while that I had left and been in my own place, away from the spoils of life to be in my own world, despite that nasty hangover the next day. And as if someone was reading my thoughts this gentleman of 30 asked to buy me a drink. “sorry sir, not appropriate for me to be drinking while working, i’d be happy to get you another”, i spoke to soon because his glass was still full. I smirked and applogized and looked down at the group drinking. I let out a brief sigh. It seemed that sigh was slowed down that he was staring at me intently the whole time it happened. Watching the air push through my neck and out, flexing the muscles and pulsing the blood through my veins.

“you are not from around here, are you?” i said looking more curiously at him. “no” he smirked a bit, it was hardly noticable. ” but i am from around.. just not around here”.

One of the drunk girls came stumbling down the bard and smashed into his shoulder ” hey, so are you buying us more drinks” he pushed her off his suit and away a bit, She returned to her friends.

” so you are finacing this party, be careful of that girl at the end, she gets a bit wild” i said pointing down to a girl i have seen time after time go home with random rich men from the bar.
I turned away to go attend to some other customers, and when i was to return he was gone. I went to my manager and asked if the tab was paid. He said that guy dropped about 2 grand down at the beginning of then night for any drinks. They only went through about a quarter of it all. Hmm i thought.. must be loaded, figures, leaving with that group.

The end of the shift neared and i was desperate to get back home and crawl into bed. Standing on your feet all night just makes you want to put them up all the more. When i got outside the night had not improved. It was now raining, just a bit of light rain to let you know it was soon going to pour down. I started a light jog back home. I heard some guy who was in teh bar earlier cough up a stink and yell at me for something, i just ignored and pulled a hood up over my head to protect me from the weather. On my way back it was a bit clearer now, more so that i could see a group of people smoking by a lamp post. Great i thought, i think i will get harassed either way, if i cross the street or not. I just continued on my pace. As predicted they said some stuff at me, ignoring them got them a bit more pissed that one started to jog after me a bit.

Then out of no where i felt the back of my head get hit hard with something. I fell to the ground instantly, slushing down into the gravel and wet grass of a the ditch. I saw this guy come after my purse and i knew this was going to get ugly. Lucky enough i wasn’t totally out of it. Instinct kicked in and i grabbed at his leg and bit him. once he fell I pulled myself up and jumped on top of him punching him in the face at his nose and eyes. Screaming “like that you mother fucker” “how does it feel to be beat on huh” I pounded away while he flailed about beneith me. Once he seemed to stop a bit i thought of the others. I got up and looked around, but not long enough to stay around. I started to run. I felt the warm spot of blood coming from the back of my head.

I was almost home i could see the lights. I reached the end of the drive and started up when i was pushed aside onto the grass and fell again. I looked around and saw nothing. I grabbed at my head to see how bad the bleeding was, it was not enough for stitches but i should get in. I reached the door and opened it and shut it behind me locking it. I felt safe now and releaved i could catch my breath. My heart was racing and i still couldn’t remember all the details of what just happened. I dropped my things and headed towards my bedroom turning on a lamp on my way and that is when i saw him. The outline of a tall man standing here. before i could do anthing he was in front of me and pushed me against the wall then onto the floor. I scambled about beneth him but his strength was far superior to my own. Like a helpless aunt beneith a magnafying glass i struggled and then stopped. I felt paralized staring up at this figure, i could’t move anymore. I felt his hand at the back of my head feeling around my fresh wound. He played around with the texture of the blood and icould feel no pain from it. Just hear its sticky wetness in his hands and my hair.

And just like that everything slowed. Like a last breath of air into my lungs came in never to escape. I felt life and warmth drain from me, my neck tensing, my eyes staring up into what was the brightest light that faded to dark. My body went limp and the only thing i felt was his wrist grasped in my right hand my nails dug in deep piercing his skin.

I woke up the next day in my bed. I jolted out to find myself in my tank and underwear. I felt all over my head to feel any signs of anything that was from last night but i felt nothing. Could this all have been a dream? Something to real feeling? I looked over at the clock and it past 9 again. Dejavu. I jumped out of bed and looked around the room then out into the living room to find nothing out of place or signs of last night.

Nah this couldn’t have been fake. I ran over to my Susans room.. and opend her door.. She wasn’t there. I felt starange now. I like i was super energetic. I never feel this good jumping out of bed but i guess it was just the adrenelene of the situation. I went to the kitchen, still bewildered i opened the fridge to get some food. I saw the message light flashing on the phone and listened to some messages. One was from mom, i started to drink back some milk as she went on and on about the newest addition to the family, my neice olivia. She instructed i call her back so i could arrange to see her in person. I skipped over to hear a message from susans boyfirned, hit save and hung up the phone. I returned the carton of milk to the fridge and felt this unsettling feeling in my stomach. “holy shit” i said out load.. and ran for hte bathroom. I threw up the milk i had just had into the toliet. “gezz. i didnt know it was bad i bought it a few days ago” not really thinking anything of it.

I still felt hungry so i went back to the fridge poured myself some water and made a sandwhich. As my usual process goes, i sat in front of the tv while i at some food as there was no dining room table. I turned on my show and started to eat. The same sick feeling came over me. I ran yet again to the bathroom. After finishing i thought..”well this is werid”. I thought i might go get dressed and head into town maybe i would feel better later.

I picked a decent enough outfit and fixed myself in the mirror. I look damn good, my face was really clear, my hair was very cooperative and i looked really healthy, a bit pale but i wasn’t overly tanned as a person anyway. So off i went, locking the door behind me and giving a scope out of the area before me. It was a clear night, full moon, not stormy it seemed trusworthy. I decided to ride my bike this time instead of walk. When i passed the spot that i thought i got mugged in there were no signs of anything. I never even thought to check in with the news.. maybe even the hospital to see if anything had been reported. So i continued into town and thought since i was down there i would check in on my neice. I rang up my sisters house and as all new mothers, she was still awake, nursing the newborn olivia. After 30 min of being around her, I was done and needed to head out. My hunger was driving me mental an i was getting as cranky as the baby was.

I parked my bike outside of a new store and picked up a local paper. Nothing was really metioned. There was some kind of story about a murder out of town but no muggings or missing teenage guys or even any strangers in town. When i thought of that i immediately thought of the man at the bar. Could there be a connection, perhaps he was there again tonight. So i ran off to the bar, my manger was shocked i was there on an off night and cracked at me that I could put on a uniform and help out. I looked around the crowed bar, some familiars and regulars and a few irregulars but not that guy from the other night. A hopeless cause i sat down at the bar to relax a bit. Figuring it wasn’t wise to have a drink i swiveled around to star at the crowd. I could hear everyone… it was almost annoying listening to the the fluzzies talk about their hair or nails on a regular basis but now i could hear them all in more detail. I could see individual glaces and smell peoples perfume or even sweat. It was a bit more detail then i was willing to be exposed to.

After being bumped a few times by people trying to get at the bar i wanted to leave. I waved good by to the manager and got outside. here i was again about to make my way home in the dark. A little bit more rowdy of people dropping other off and cabs pulling up and leaving but the same dark scene. I walked around to the side to fetch my bike and someone approached me. he stood afar from me and said “hello” I looked “hi, the entrance to the bar is on that side” i said pointing but still cautious. “i’m not interested in the bar” he didn’t really move from his spot. My heart pounded a bit when i turned around to see a bit closer as to who it was. It was when i turned he lunged at me, i moved out of the way in time to run, i ran towards the lake and down to the shore. I could hear him behind me after me. He caught up fast and pushed me down, he was on top but i managed to roll him over and be on top of him. I held him down and he failed about a bit and then i went for it. I sank my teeth into his neck and bit him like it was some normal reaction. I could feel his blood in my mouth and for some reason it felt good to taste it. Not salty like it had once tasted when we were kids and sucked on our own wounded finger but sweet and quenching like some amazing drink.

My mind fuzzed and i felt a great surge of power and has fill me. It was like being drunk off several martinis. After my hungry dissipated i stopped and came to realization what i had done. I immediately let go,dropping his limps to the ground and standing up holding my mouth. “what have i done” i thought in complete horror of the situation. I left him there and ran home and it seemed to have only taken seconds. Once i reached my room i looked in the mirror. I my mouth and clothing were covered in blood and news to me i had fangs. Ok this has to be a dream , it has to be, i didn’t just kill someone, what the fuck is going on.

I heard at bang at my door.. i was startled as it seemed so loud. “jules ” she said.. oh it was my roommate Suzan. “ya” i frankly said trying to find a towel. “you need anything at the store, i’m going out for the night but will pick up some stuff tomorrow morning” her voice through the door was like she was screaming but i knew she wasn’t. “no no .. i’m good thanks.. see ya”

I heard her give up and leave the house, drive away until i heard no car sound at all. I sat down and managed to catch my breath yet again and stared at myself.
“good evening” a man said. I spun around to look behind me and there was the man from the bar. “what the fuck?! who the hell are you ” i backed up closer to my door and fumbled with the handle slightly but he was now in front of me. easing himself closer into me and until i was pressed against the door with his body. It had been a while since i was this close to a man, little alone a sheer stranger who was randomly in my room, why is this turning me on. My body tingled and buzzed from all the adrenaline.

And without saying words at all i suddenly knew it all. I knew what i was and who he was. This explains everything. Vampire. I always thought it was just a folk lore fear that people had in small towns back in history but apparently it was true. I felt his stare down on me, he was significantly taller then me, wearing a black suit exquisitely tailored. He was dark haired and dark eyed, pale and cold. I didn’t feel cold though. i felt warm still. “and that is how you tricked him you see” he whispered in my ear. He smelled around me the blood still fresh on my clothes. “tricked.. who?” i said. “usually its a crime to murder one of our own, but i’ll forgive you since your fresh” he moved his hand to my face, and i felt his thumb on my throat along the bottom of my jaw. I killed him.. and..i paused in my thoughts. Vampire. My own. The whole situation was more then i could handle. I felt my breath shorten and my heart race. “he wasn’t that important and he was sloppy, i’m surprised you were able to over power him so soon, you hold great promise”

I clued into reality a bit more now and pushed his body away and maneuvered around him to my bed where i sat down. “promise? am i your pad-won learner now, am i to call you yoda” i was shocked at how snappy i came back with my words. I might get tt like this new me. ” i was right about you, and no you don’t not need to know my name, you are mine now so you will be doing what i tell you” he walked around like a parent talking to a child or a person owning a dog. I did not like my place here.

I was able to get a better look at him now. He was strong looking, bold shoulders, great stature, strong features, might place him as European but hard to tell. Nice bum to.. ” be careful of your thoughts, those are mine as well. In time you will know how to protect them from others but never me”. I felt caught like a teenager smoking. What else did he know or could listen to. “you will be able to hear things you never heard before and see things you never saw, you move faster then other people can see and the rumors are true, sunlight is not your friend, tanning in it will be extremely bad for you, may even kill you”

I wasn’t sure if that was a joke i should be laughing at. he was more of a drill Sargent type so i figured silence was golden. If he could hear my thoughts anyway there was no use in talking. “Clean up now, you are coming out with me” he said wiping over a clothes bag onto the bed. I wiped the dry blood off my hands and face and opened it. I haven’t owned clothes like this before.. they were beautiful couture like hand beaded dresses, lush materials.

It was moments later i was showering and getting dressed. I still was not able to grasp what had all transpired but i seemed to have no choice in the matter. I pulled the dress over my head and stood staring at myself in the mirror. I don’t think i had looked so amazing i my entire life. It’s amazing what a quality 3 thousand dollar dress will make you feel.

I stepped out and he didn’t seemed pleased. ” i didn’t take that long to get ready” i said.
the look he gave me was enough to shut me up. I joined him at the front door where a car was waiting. I gave him a look of bewilderment “we don’t turn into bats and fly away or vanish, to appear normal you must act civilized” he motioned towards the car.

once inside i asked about the girls at the bar the other night “a musing, i was there for a meal but nothing seemed good, girls like those need to be liquored up to taste better” So people had flavours i thought. He went on about the different preferences of people and how they had to be loured away or taken care of. The entire process was like baiting a man to take home for sex. You flirt a little, glamour them a bit, offer them their desires and take your fill of them. But in this case you took their life. Just like hunting an animal.

After months together and learning the trade of being a vampire, time had passed enough I was running out of excuses not to return home. I was now with a group established by the maker, others like me learning their way through. For some reason i had rank over the others and they were under my direction and responsibility. one included an asian girl named miu miu, she was a pimp for girls and wanna’v’s. She provided “samplers” for parties and fun for guests and proven very useful and reliable for clean ups. Another was boris, a Russian man who i was right into gambling. his usefulness is in casinos, striking up the rich and starting up the parties. His anger is his weakness and strength. With those two around , i was able to get anything I wanted done or anything the maker wanted done. After all those months, his name never revealed. I gave him several other names for fake introductions and it became a silly game on the hunt together.

We would often go to parties as a couple, charm our way and flirt ourselves into new groups drawing people in and seducing them. It was more enjoyable then anything i could have remembered. My old life faded behind me like it had never existed. But there were ties there that would have to be severed to make sure this scherade would continue on without question. It was time for a visit home. I called late one night as i usually did to get the update, it had been several weeks but it was needed for my return home. But this time it was not excitement that greeted me it was mourning. My niece had apparently been taken or kidnapped and no one had any leads. This news had me infuriated and made me want to get to the bottom of it.

I left for the town alone and stayed at downtown hotel. After a sad visit to my family I had to find out what was going on. The police were typically easy to get information from but had no leads. Something didn’t seem right about a baby missing and no one caring. There was some big to do affair with the political figures and head of police along with their wives downtown at another hotel. Perhaps i could get some information from there then. I called up miu miu and had her bring out some “talent”. Showing up there with girls like that would surely cause a stir and swade some gentlemen into their grasp.

The girls and I arrived, a tad over dressed from the usual country flair of suburban town folks we stood out. Our sneers at their lower class “classy” party said enough. We didn’t look so welcome. I had the girls get some drinks and smooze around the party taking notes while they talked around. I put my mind out there listening what what i could but only heard unkind words about my crew. Some woman came up to me and seemed to have known me from school “my you have grown since i have seen you last, i am so sorry to hear about your niece, your sister must be devastated” I nodded and agreed and hoped that others were start gathering around to talk about it. This teachers husband was the mayor, i could see him lean over and listen and saw the sweat on his brow start to bead. He knew something, but how would i get it out of him. Suddenly a crash from behind. One of girls knocked over a table half exposing her breasts to the crowd.

Their reaction was plain from them women “slut ” they thought “what a floozy” i heard another one say. The men all gawked as she fixed her self up again, half a faced pressing against their trouser pants, they enjoyed the rare sight of young tits. I nodded at the the women around me and headed towards the chief of police. “so chief. i have not heard of any new developments on my sisters case, how does a child go missing and no one care?” i asked blatantly. He was shocked at this and not prepared for any response he stuttered a bit when he said “we are working hard miss to come to some leads but nothing is happening” he motioned for his wife to come rescue himself from the situation. At least I knew now he would be easy to break. we also had a card on our side. A police officer that was dying to be converted. He would prove useful. I would have to call upon him for this.

By now it was time to go. I had to be back for a big event and I was already late. He hated when i was late. When i got back he was none to please. “you know how impatient i am when you are required here” he grabbed me by the arm. Usually it was a sexy move in a game we played at parties “the angry couple” but he meant it this time. Some important out of towners were in and time was wasting away. His impression on them was important so i made a call for the girls to be there later. I introduced myself to the crowd, a group of 5 gentlemen not older looking then 30. Very diverse and by their clothing aged beyond my own makers. They were elders and out ranked anyone i may have met. I apologized and took my place. One kept his eyes on me, searching around in my mind for answers to his questions. I was lucky i was taught that game long ago to block those people out. This mystery intrigued him.

It was the time in conversation that they were to be offered. I sent out the selection for them and all were taken to but the one that looked at me. I asked him “they are not your flavour?” i asked
“no” he said looking at them all with mild distaste. “shall i send out for more” as i waved to miu miu he grabbed at my arm “that wont be necessary”. he let go allowing me to drop it. I felt my maker was aware of this and his territory seemed threatened. he came over and distracted the gentleman from me. I left the room as per his wishes and waited in our chamber.

Daylight came and he finally returned. He stepped in the door and paused. i looked up and waited for him. “you were well taken” he said, removing his dinner jacket. ” it means well to impress them.” I felt a beam of pride come over me, it had been a rotten night, i needed something to make me feel good. “it’s rare i hear you compliment me, something good must have happened for you”. I said looking him, he stopped undressing and came over to me and pulled me up. “what good happens to me happens to you” The situation was still shroweded in mystery but this rare occasion that he was in this good of a mood was too good to pass up. ” but you were a bit of a whore Ms. Jones” he said. I knew this game to well and decided to play along “a whore?! like you didn’t flirt with every single person in the room” i pushed him a bit ” i should have divorced you a long time ago”, the verbal abuse continued back and forth until we were both riled up enough to jump each other. Fake angry sex with him was like anything else i have experienced. He knew just how to rip the clothes off off of me and where to touch that wasn’t hurtful but pleasant. His hands roamed about everywhere before going to places where a girl can only say she wants him in her. I wrapped my legs around him allowing him all the way in, every thrust and motion was a wave of pleasure through our bodies. Every feeling heighten, ever sound amplified it was good.

I woke up the next day, focused on my quest for information. Getting a hold of that cop was easy, i had boris pick him up and drive us around. “So you know your responsibility?” I asked twittering around with the edges of my gloves. “yes” he replied. I smiled. His thoughts were to easy to read.