Today was my first time taking my own winter tires off and replacing them with my all seasons.  Tips for changing a tire:

1) Loosen the bolts on the tire before jacking the car up. (consult your owners manual for tool locations, tire location and more information)

Reason: If the bolts are really tight you may need to stand or kick the tool to help loosen them, this could knock your car off the jack and potentially cause a roll back or damage to your car.

Tools for the job – found in your car

2) Place blocks or a rock behind the back wheels. This will ensure that car doesn’t move back on you.

Rock behind wheel

3) Jack the car. Make sure you place your jack in the owners manual recommended space. For my car, it was between two notches just below the door. Make sure the jack is straight and it is on level ground.


Reason: this space was designed with notches to be the safest place for the jack, it allows for the correct height of jacking for the wheel.

4) Safely loosen the bolts further and remove the wheel. It may be best to inspect your brake pads and grease up any moving parts to allow for easy movement.

5) Place the new tire on the car, ensure that you attached all four bolts and tighten each one in secession. This will ensure the tire is balanced evenly, if you tighten one bolt to tightly over another, it can cause the tire to wobble or damage the car when driven.

Replace wheel

6) Ease the jack off and lower the car, then tighten the bolts further with more leverage.

7) With the full weight of the car on the tire, you can check for tire pressure. Add more air if necessary.

8) Remove blocks from back tires and test drive vehicle to ensure the tires operate properly. If one is off balance you may need to repeat the process to ensure it is placed on the wheel properly.