I have spent the entire night fighting off and running away from tornadoes. I was living in new orleans but it was in the same building i live in now. I walked out to my balcony to see the entire horizon with low clouds and pulsing heart beat of bad things to come. Being on the 20th floor of the building I was concern with its age and height that it would not with stand any normal storm little alone any type of tornado.

The first signs of things to come were off in the distance. A small dark cloud started to funnel towards to the ground miles away. I didnt think anything of packing any belongings but to head to the elevator. Great choice without really thinking. This time the elevator got me safely downstairs, next time I would have to take the stairs. I got outside where i started running down the street. That is where i met up with two girls from work. I warned them that a tornado was headed for the city and we must seek shelter below.

They ran with me and we found a garage that was on a slope that went down 3 storeys. IT was open on all sides but it was below the ground so it had to be good. The two girls ran to the very edge were it was open and stood there. I ran to a pole in the middle where a man was working on a car. I told him about the weather and he started packing up immediately. I looked over at the girls and asked “do you stand at the edge of a shelter in the rain and not get wet?” rhetorical of course. They thought about it and ran over to where I was.

I could hear the screams start to mount and heard the weather pick up around us. The howel was coming closure and the ground that i could see near was pushing dirt around in the air. I squinted my eyes so that no dirt could blind me. That is when the first of them hit.

The wind was powerful in its circular motion but not big enough to destroy anything other then cars, tress or people. I felt the pressure around me change and the wind against me enough that i felt a bit of lift. It was too loud to talk now but i could hear the girls scream a bit as the first one blew through the garage. The seconds felt like hours but it went through without our harm. Two more of a slightly larger size would blow through with the same result. The howel of it all seemed deafning like a metal rock concert.

By the time it was done, we were weary and not sure about even leaving. There was talk of going back to my car and leaving the city for better weather or a place to where there might not be to much debree. We gathered our selves up and went in search for my car. Leaving the garage my car should have been in a parking lot behind. i looked around and all i saw was a blue jeep. Similar to my own car this must be it. I got in on what i thought was the drivers side but turned out to be the passenger side. It was designed like a UK car, having the drivers side on the other side. But each side had wheels and an instruction guide. It must have been on of those off roading jeeps. Another weird thing was that the passengers that are suppose to be in the back were in the front. One of the girls was infront of me while the other was in the drivers seat trying to figure out how to drive.

I insisted I would drive but she refused to move, so we got on the move out of the parking lot. I felt my anxiety build as we left. her driving was slow, and unfocused. She barely looked at the road. Getting through the city would be a brutal drive. I ended up taking things in my own hands and leaving the car at the next red light. I ran to the edge of town and saw over the land that was all prairie like so you could see really far. The skies threatened more tornadoes. I looked back at my building and thought it wouldn’t hold. I also then thought of my parents and where they were. I gave them a ring on my phone and was able to get a hold of my mom. the connection was terrible but i was able to arrange a meeting place so we could all leave together.

I met them shortly later and they wanted to take me back to my home and reassure me that nothing bad would happen. I warned them over and over I don’t want to be here, we should leave but they refused to hear my plea. We got to my floor and it was destroyed. People in their apartments without walls. All the balcony’s had been ripped off and stuff scattered about. I thought about what i had on my balcony and it was of no significance. Then i thought.. i could probably take stuff if i wanted to now. I went through my drawers and closets and pulled out anything that i felt i might miss or that was of some kind of value. The bag and box started to fill up enough that it was difficult to carry. That is when i heard the howl again.

I was so distracted by what i was doing that the weather changed. IT was headed right for us and we could see it coming. i grabbed onto the sink counter and told me parents to hold on. I thought we were totally doomed this time. I shut my eyes and felt the wind and noise take us over. When i opened them i saw the building sway back and forth, the other buildings seem to be moving behind us now. The building i was in must be falling. But it was falling slowly as if on a rail path over and out of the city. I yelled to others “we are falling, brace for impact”. I thought i hope we land well but the odds of that were slim. The buildings past by us as the floor rumbled beneath us and we flew through the city. Were we in the tornado but not spinning, just floating out of the after effects of it. The speed started to pick up now. The ground was coming closer but we were out of town so we would not hit another building it would be all ground.

I braced for what i thought might be the end. The floor of the apartment gave way to dirt and we came crashing and rolling into the ground virtually unharmed. I was staring up at the dark sky exhausted from all the stress of it all. I was alive though and I looked over to see others were ok.
I s tarted to brush the earth off of me and looked around. We were out in some field in the prairie land out of the city. The city was a few kms from where we were. Far off in the distance more tornadoes were touching down and forming. Far enough way it couldn’t effect us. But i knew we couldn’t spend to much standing around here, we would have to move on.

We found a road not far from where we landed. we walked along at a heavy pace where my aunt and grandmother were buying apples at a farm close by. They offered us a ride and we told our story. We got out to a highway close by and went further out of town. I could see people crowded in a field, small funnels were coming towards them but they were enjoying it like a game. One person would get picked up and the others would hold him down. I thought to myself that weather was nothing to poke fun about. people die, lives are uprooted and all that we know is tossed about.

We pulled over at the outside of it all to watch like an audience. with 15 funnels approaching the city. One was massive, about a 1km wide. I saw it go to a residential area. After being through with it there was nothing left but clear ground. It plowed through like a bulldozer. I felt sad for all those people who might still be there or their lives that are now gone.

After they were all through and the sky was as clear as it has ever been. I felt compelled to return to the city and assess the damage. I headed back in my aunts car, the roads were clear, like no one would be around to use them. The city was destroyed. Like a war zone from a movie, windows were gone, half of buildings, walls gone, some only had a concrete pad left as some sign there was something there…

the rest of the dream drags on from here, that was the jest. there was another where i was at home and the neighbors wouldn’t leave and i had to call the cops on them. It got violent to say the least.