I go to bed with a smile on my face. This is the first time in my life where this is actually happening on the regular. It isn’t because I have an amazing job, because frankly, I’m still looking to bust out of being in poverty.  It isn’t because I have lots of cool stuff or a husband or kids, I certainly don’t have any of those things. I think it is because I appreciate all the things that have happened in life, all the things that are still working for me.

Every day I work hard at making life work a bit better so I can have some more free time and resources to do a bit more travelling and fun things to fill life with more experiences. By volunteering, by learning new things and talking to new people, I have gained new experiences without having to spend money.

I am also very grateful for the wonderful time I have to myself where I don’t need to be responsible for anyone but me. I smile because it is 11:20 pm and I’m not all that tired, I spent the day learning google analytics to diversify my knowledge in my field, talked to some good friends about some weird things that are happening nad know that tomorrow, the plan will be a bit different with some random moments and mini adventures in there.

I am grateful for the people I get to talk to and share stories with. I like hearing about their hopes, dreams and adventures, about their worries and plans for the future, how they are enjoying that everything is going ok in their lives right now and how others are doing their best to solve the problems or obstacles in the way of their dreams. I’m proud of them.

I acknowledge the fact that I stood up for my feelings today and changed a behaviour. And despite the fact it wasn’t received well, I did well for me and know that having a friendship or any type of relationship with me must be respectful and honored.

I am grateful to see my cat and look in her face and know that I will love and take care unconditionally. That the home that provides us both shelter provides us comfort and safety as well. That together we have a relationship without words, that there is mutual appreciation and some tricky moments to sort through.  She is a shadow that is with me even when there isn’t much light in the room.

I like to think that there are those out there, working hard to make life work for them that love the same things. It may be their loving partner, their kids, their family, pet, their land that gives so much back to them, their past, their present and unknown future filled of dreams.

Money may make functioning in society easier and provide you with more means to seek things you enjoy doing out. Certainly, without it, I have no distractions as to the many wonderful free things there are to enjoy.

When people say you are lucky to have something, I think they really mean, you should be grateful to have something. So Thank you for all the opportunities I have had today and in the past. Despite what society believes, I’m changing my own game and I feel like I’m winning in the one player game called life.  And that is why I am smiling.